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The Emotional Impact of a Home Burglary

on April 9, 2012

Our home was burglarized last week and I’m having a wide range of emotional reactions to it.  The most prevalent one seems to be distrust.  I look at everyone in my neighborhood now with distrust – wondering if any of them were involved.  I don’t like that feeling, as I’m pretty friendly with the neighbors and I don’t want that to change.

I also feel scared when I go home and initially enter the house.  I wonder if someone’s in there and what would happen if I walked in on another burglary.  I’m not normally a fearful person, so I don’t like this new development at all.

Once the feelings of powerlessness leave, then the waves of anger come in.  Part of me wants to be like a big-city TV detective and start shaking down people until somebody talks.  There’s a hidden thug inside me who wants answers and wants them now!

Once the anger subsides, I find myself just being grateful that no one was hurt.  It could have been so much worse.

Having insurance is, obviously, important and gives you a sense of peace in these types of situations.  But, it certainly doesn’t solve the emotional issues that accompany such a violation.  I guess like most painful things we experience in life — it will take time for things to get back to normal again.

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Tavisha, Go Time Insurance



2 responses to “The Emotional Impact of a Home Burglary

  1. I had a serious car accident last year and have had many similar feelings. I still feel a sense of dread on rainy days (like when I had my accident) and as I pass the highway exit where I was hit. I’ve often wondered why (or if) insurance companies provide counseling to help deal with these traumas. I still drive my car every day, but my accident changed me. You are in the same position with the burglary. Things can be replaced, but trust and confidence are hard to get back.

    • So true. It’s probably even worse with a car accident, I imagine. Since it’s something you physically experience. So, there are reflexes involved that aren’t so easy to change.

      Things are getting better now and I don’t feel so on edge when I go home. But, I do still feel like I’ve changed since the burglary happened. I don’t just walk in the house anymore without really paying attention. I am on high alert every time now and I am expecting something bad … which isn’t good. 😦

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